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Char and Stave Coffee proudly introduces "Corduroy," our exclusive limited winter roast, crafted to warm your soul during the chilly winter months. This unique blend is born from the finest natural Sumatra Microlot coffee, renowned for its exceptional quality and rich flavors. As you sip Corduroy, you'll be enveloped by the strong, cooked blackberry notes that seamlessly blend with the sweet richness of toffee. The experience is further enhanced by the jammy nuances of stone fruit, intertwined with a subtle hint of clove, creating a symphony of warmth and complexity in your cup.

What makes Corduroy truly stand out is its sugary sweetness, balanced by a distinct, boozy acidity, reminiscent of a cozy, fireside evening. This coffee is a winter companion, perfect for those cold days, snowy mornings, or as a comforting partner during outdoor winter adventures. Whether you're curled up with a book, stepping out into a winter wonderland, or gathering with friends and family, Corduroy is designed to add a touch of warmth and joy to every moment. Embrace the winter season with Char and Stave's Corduroy, a coffee that's as unique and inviting as a winter's tale.


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